Sep 16, 2015

The University of Cambridge Primary School has officially opened its doors. 

 Sep 15, 2015

calfordseaden prepared the working drawing in 3D for Rydon Construction for this PRP scheme in Islington. 

 Aug 17, 2015

calfordseaden have recently completed handover for Oakley Gardens on Dial Lane. 

 Aug 14, 2015

Our Birmingham Architects, Group 72 have been part of the successful Kier bid team for the Delivery Partner Panel 2 mini competition in Telford for 100 units in Apley.

We are being retained for the planning stage which is to commence this month, moving onto working drawings with a view to start on site early 2016.

See below some of the graphics we created in-house which we used as part of our bid:

 Jun 20, 2015

Introducing a mapping tool providing the capabilities of viewing all owned and managed properties in one location, providing you with a planning and marketing tool to enable you to plan work requirements or action plans.


 Jun 19, 2015

Following the July Budget and Queen’s Speech, the Government is now pressing ahead as it aims to fulfil a number of different legislative changes, many of which impact the property & construction industries, and indeed our clients.

Housing featured in both the Queen’s Speech and the July Budget. A new Housing Bill, reduction in social rents over the next four years and the phasing out of subsidies for some Local Authority and Housing Association residents was included.

 Jun 19, 2015

Since 2007 Registered Providers and contractors have used Code for Sustainable Homes in order to measure sustainability. Whilst this has been effective in producing energy efficient homes, it hasn’t always been the most accurate way for the end user to understand how to best use their home to improve their quality of life. 

Last year the government announced that it would be withdrawing Code, and in March earlier this year BRE announced at Ecobuild the replacement of Code for Sustainable Homes with the Home Quality Mark (HQM).

 Jun 19, 2015

Our Cambridge office has been officially opened for over five months and has already made a large impact in the region.