Siri Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara, Gravesend


calfordseaden were appointed as architects to this traditional style Gurdwara with associated social, care and educational facilities. The brief was to design a building immediately identifiable as a Gurdwara, but which also meets the needs of the modern Sikh community. The building will also act as a Gravesend landmark to symbolise the achievement of the local Sikhs and the relationships forged within Gravesend and the surrounding areas.


It is estimated there are some 13,000 Asians living in Gravesend, a further 6,500 in Dartford and 4,500 in the Medway Towns. In Gravesend between 97-98 % are of Sikh origin from Punjab. The needs of this community have become more complex and are mostly met by the Gurdwara, which is a focal point for the community. It makes a large contribution to the religious, spiritual, social, educational and economic welfare of the community.


To ensure that all the detailing of the stone reflects the traditional style of the Gurdwara and that it meets the religious requirements of the community, the marble and granite for the building has all been produced and carved in India. Indian stonemasons have come over to the UK to assemble the cladding on site.